Save The Date! Our Centenary beckons.


The first century of Rotary Service is worth celebrating. And we will do this in grand style on Wednesday 21st April 2021. Save The Date!

You will be invited to a big event in Melbourne along with 1000+ Rotarians across Australia and New Zealand to celebrate and reflect upon a century of achievement, community building and fellowship. International Rotary dignitaries, Vice Regal representatives, business and community leaders plus Friends of Rotary are being invited. Ambitious? Yes, but we only have one chance in a lifetime to celebrate such a grand affair.

And much, much more is in the pipeline. Watch this space to find out more and how you and your Club can get involved in a wide range of events and projects. We are celebrating the first 100 years of Rotary Service and we are also creating a legacy that will take us into the next 100 years of community service. We are here for the long term. Let’s mark the occasion with a grand celebration.

The theme adopted for the whole project is “Celebrating the First 100 Years of Rotary Service in Australia and NZ”. Yes it is a project that seeks to touch all Rotarians, across all Clubs in both countries with our shared heritage. While, technically, the anniversary applies to the RC Melbourne, the greatest impact will be achieved with a wider engagement. The 4 centenary clubs (Melbourne, Wellington, Auckland and Sydney) are already working in concert and providing a leadership role. Rotary leaders across Australia, NZ and in Chicago are across all developments and providing support.

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