Time to Celebrate our Gifts to the World - District Awards


The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. Other years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating. Jarod Kintz,

The Rotary Theme for 2015/16 asks us to be a Gift to the World and when visiting clubs, assisting with projects and meeting with Cluster groups, it is obvious to me that in District 9800 we have embraced this theme. We have so many local and international club projects and thanks to the initiative of Philip Archer Rotary had significant exposure at national level providing opportunities for people to help alleviate financial hardship to families in need. The instigation of the Western Emergency Relief Network and the ever increasing output generated by Donations in Kind has assisted so many in a very practical manner. What about the clubs in City of Boroondara who will be working hard on Sunday the 17th of April doing a spring clean in the three Servants Homes in their local area. Then we have a fabulous program Busy Feet that just seems to be gaining momentum and attracting interest from clubs all around our District.

So it seems appropriate that I share some opportunities for you to celebrate the wonderful work that you are doing in the name of Rotary. We know that every year the Rotary International President selects content for a Presidential Citation and that sometimes a particular section is difficult to achieve for many clubs. With this in mind Past District Governor Murray Verso and the DGEN at the time initiated a District Club Recognition, a District Governor Citation so to speak. I plan to continue this initiative and the team of Assistant Governors will be charged with providing information as per a set of criteria linked to the District Strategic Plan.

Then we have the District Annual Club Recognition Program where Clubs are encouraged to apply for recognition in categories such as Youth, Community, Vocational and International Service, Club Bulletin, Club Technology, Rotary Foundation Giving and importantly, Club Service Innovation which needs to be recommended by a member of the District Leadership Team. Success here is noted by a District 9800 Recognition Logo that is displayed on the Club Web and Facebook page. Please consider nominating for recognition that club members so richly deserve after a committed year of service. Applications forms can be downloaded from the District Web page or from Sue Bolton sbolton@globalidal.com

Two awards that I am able to give are a Club Builder Award and a Rotary Foundation District Service Award. To qualify for a Club Builder Award the person must not be a current Club President, nor an incoming or past District Governor. Successful recipients will have:

  • Recruited at least 5 members who are active Rotarians
  • Participated in Rotary training in their Club
  • Participated in at least one vocational service project
  • Attended at least two district meetings in the last three years

Now a candidate must be recommended by three past club presidents either of their own club or another where they had been a member.

With regards the Rotary Foundation District Service Award a recipient would need to have shown efforts to serve humanity and work towards world understanding and peace through Foundation Programs

I would encourage you to send nominations in a letter to our wonderful District Secretary for these two particular awards.

Now I know that we do not serve in Rotary for recognition, but let me tell you we all feel good when someone says…..Well done…..Good Job! So let’s consider all those humble Rotarians going about making our District and our world a better place and choose some of these opportunities to recognise our friends and colleagues in Rotary.

As Dr Seuss says: Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!

Enjoy Rotary as you are……. a Gift to the World.

Ubuntu: I am, because you are.

Julie Mason

District Governor

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