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Collaboration in Maternal and Newborn Health    


Every day about 800 women worldwide die from complications related to pregnancy and child birth. This equals 1.5 times the number of passengers fitting into an Airbus A380 or 2.5 times the number of passengers in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. 99 percent of these maternal deaths occur in developing countries and most of them are preventable.


Donations in Kind Open Day    

When communicating just what Donations in Kind at West Footscray can provide presents such a problem  – how do we address the challenge? Why not throw open the doors and invite everyone along to see.  Add scones and cream, tasty Somaliland nibbles and the essential sausage sizzle and see what happens.

That’s just what we did on Saturday 8th April to celebrate the shipping of the 500th Container from the store and also mark the centenary of the Rotary Foundation.

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Camberwell Rotary Shop is now the Good Reads Good Deeds Rotary Shop    

By David Owen, Hawthorn Rotary

The Camberwell Rotary shop has changed its name. It is still at 654 Burke Road at the back facing the car park side.It is now the "Good Reads Good Deeds Rotary Shop".

This Boroondara multi-club enterprise was set up by DIK Inc clubs and Riverside cluster clubs.  Its aim is to support the Donations in Kind store, which recycles equipment and goods and sends useful items overseas and to disadvantaged communities in Australia. It also  supports Rotary Fair Trade enterprises in East Timor, Nepal and Laos, and Camcare, a not-for-profit, community based organization, which assists people from Boroondara and neighbouring areas who are facing personal hardship or difficult life circumstances. 

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EndTrachoma by 2020 - Rotary Australia's Multi-District Project    

Clubs around Australia support many worthwhile charities and projects. But EndTrachoma by 2020 is something particularly special for Rotary Australia.

Our Australian Centenary project needs your support on the ground to mobilise Rotarians and communicate the value of our project to clubs and communities.

Topics: ian riseley president of rotary international,  community service


Rotary Flemington Celebrates its 30th Anniversary    

The Rotary Club of Flemington welcomes past, present and future members of the Club, their family and friends to come and celebrate the Club’s 30th Birthday.

Where: The Boathouse, 7 the Boulevard, Moonee Ponds

When: Wednesday 19th April 2017

Time: 6.30pm for a 7pm dinner

Cost: $50 per person for a 2 course meal!  - drinks at bar prices

RSVP: 10th April 2017


International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians    

Mike McFarlane, President of the Australian Section, International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians.

Fellowship is a word very frequently used in Rotary circles but how many new, and even long-term experienced members are aware of the many “Rotary Fellowships” available?

Perhaps another one of Rotary’s best-kept secrets!

Rotary Fellowships are very friendly, independent, social groups that share a common passion. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to extend your Rotary friends around the world.

One such example is the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians, or as it is more commonly known “IFFR”, which has been facilitating Rotary aviation friendships all around the world for some 52 years.


Rotarians impacting the lives of Mothers and Children in Nigeria and Pakistan     

By Melissa Willis, Executive Director for Rotarian Action Group for Population and Development (RFPD)

The Rotarian Action Group for Population and Development (RFPD) serves as a resource for clubs and districts around the world in the area of maternal and child health. The most challenging aspect of RFPD’s work is the simple fact that this isn’t an issue that can be resolved in merely five or ten years. It’s an ongoing effort with limitless opportunities to impact women and girls worldwide.


Waging a lyrical war against FGM (female genital mutilation)    

By Renata Van der Zee for Aljizeera.

Rapper Sister Fa has helped end the practise in her home village, but her sights are set on the whole of Senegal.

She doesn't remember how old she was when it happened. Was she four years old, or maybe five? She just can't recall. But 33-year-old Fatou Mandiang Diatta does remember the iron grip of the women who held her down, the blood that spattered her feet, and the terrible pain between her legs.


A family matter: saving Papua New Guinea’s mothers    

A doctor in Papua New Guinea finds that involving men in family planning is the key to reducing maternal mortality.

Report courtesy of Aljazeera’s Women Make Change series.


Birth for Humankind    

3 years ago, Olivia Mei Swan returned to Melbourne with the idea of establishing an organisation to assist young pregnant women.  Through her research, she learnt about DOULAs (A doula (doo-lah) is a trained support companion for women and their families during pregnancy, labour and the weeks following birth.)

This concept appealed strongly to her so after much research and training, and with the assistance of 2 philanthropists, Olivia established Birth for Humankind.  This is a charitable organisation which supports young pregnant women lacking family support.  She gained the backing of staff at the Royal Women’s Hospital as well as several community organisations working with disadvantaged women in the inner Melbourne area.

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Open Day at Donations-in-Kind to Celebrate 500 containers this century    

An Invitation to a very special event, help us celebrate shipping the 500th container this century

We are opening the Store on a Saturday to give the people who can’t attend during the week the opportunity to see our Districts largest hands-on project and to get a full understanding of the volume and type of goods that are available for their Club Projects.  Our focus is on giving working people and country Clubs the opportunity to visit, but everyone is welcome.


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District Conference 2017 – Connecting Communities – Serving Humanity    

Summary by District Governor Neville John       

The conference theme ‘Connecting Communities – Serving Humanity’ focused on social cohesion, inclusion and community resilience. We know why these things are so fundamentally important to the wellbeing of our society, and we know that generations of Australians have worked hard over many years to build a reputation for being inclusive, welcoming people who give others a fair go and are generous in helping those less fortunate.

Topics: rotary youth exchange


SecondBite Harvest for Hunger - Volunteer Opportunity    

By Amanda Bailey, SecondBite

APRIL 3, 2017

We would love to invite and make you aware of a great volunteer opportunity we have coming up and helping us to recruit some volunteers for a day of picking apples.

Overall I need to secure 75 SecondBite volunteers for the day’s picking. We are of course are sending this to all our corporate partners and some individuals who have been wanting a volunteer experience.


Choking clean water    

By Diana Schoberg

Source: Rotary International

Blooms of poisonous blue-green algae threaten the western basin of Lake Erie, the source of drinking water for millions of people. Rotarians are joining the fight.

For 56 hours in August 2014, nearly a half-million people living along the shores of the largest freshwater lake system in the world could not drink the water out of their taps. They couldn’t use it to brush their teeth or wash their dishes. Restaurants shut their doors. Hospitals canceled elective surgeries. Stores ran out of bottled water, and the Ohio National Guard stepped in to help.


ShelterBox Update    

You can rightly be proud of your support for ShelterBox: last year we helped close to 140,000 people. We could not do this without the generosity of supporters like you.

In an ever-changing world, we increasingly see the need to be flexible in the way we respond to disasters and a ‘one size fits all’ approach seriously limits the amount of people we can help. Those you who have sponsored boxes will have noticed the increased waiting time for a box to be deployed. That is because we only deploy ShelterBoxes when they are deemed to be the most appropriate form of aid. In 2016 we helped over 29,000 families but only 10% of them received ShelterBoxes.


Women in Rotary International Women’s Day Breakfast,  March 8, 2017    

By Dorothy Gilmour, Rotary Club of Melbourne

Wednesday, March 8 at 6.30 am,  1,200 people descended into the Crown Palladium in Melbourne to celebrate with Women in Rotary,  our International Women’s Day.   Once again, our Kerry Kornhauser OAM, with a team of volunteers gathered together both professional and non-professional men and women,  90 Year 12 students from local and country private and state schools and well known  public figures, who generously provided their time and passion,  to explore this year’s topic “Women Leaders:  What Does It Take?”


Linen Supplied for Servants Community Housing    

The Rotary Club of North Balwyn has delivered 200 sets bed linen and 200 towels to Servants Community Housing, which provides safe and affordable housing for people in need in the City of Boroondara.

The quality linen had been transferred to the Donations In Kind Store in Footscray  from mining operations in Western Australia where it was no longer required at “fly-in fly-out” mining facilities because of the downturn in the industry.

Topics: linen recycling program,  donations in kind,  servants community housing


Rotary Fair Trade Store in Camberwell    

The Rotary Fair Trade store in Camberwell Junction is a combined project of Boroondara Rotary clubs, raising funds for DIK, the D9800 Donations in Kind Store, and local humanitarian charities such as Camcare.

It is located at the rear of 654 Burke Rd, Camberwell, (enter from the car park).

Open from 10 - 4.30, 7 days a week. Specializing in good quality collectibles and books, the store welcomes useful donations from Rotary members and families who may be downsizing, or spring cleaning.

Topics: rotary opportunity shops


The Philippines Group Vocational Exchange team visits Bendigo    

By Lindsay Jolley, Rotary Club of Bendigo South 

The District 9800 incoming Philippines Group Vocational Exchange (GVE) team started their Bendigo visit with a guided tour of the recently opened new Bendigo Hospital, the largest regional hospital development in Victoria.



As a father, imagine if your only choice was to give your wife or children contaminated water or watch them slowly die in the next few days of dehydration.

We take clean water for granted every day. In the midst of devastation and disasters, there are few gifts more valuable than the gift of clean safe water.

Aquabox is essentially a lifesaving water tank with water filters and water treatment tablets that can convert up to 2,000 litres of polluted water, making it safe and pleasant to drink. The boxes are also filled with emergency aid to reduce the suffering during the aftermath of a disaster. This local initiative is powered by the voluntary members of the Rotary Club of Eltham, Victoria, Australia


Water Solutions by Disaster Aid Australia    

If you attended either of our recent Rotary Showcases in Bendigo or in the Atrium at Federation Square, you may have met the team from Disaster Aid Australia demonstrating their clean water solutions. Disaster Aid evolved as a project of the Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills here in Victoria.


Rotary Australia launches new TV Advertising    

For 100 years, millions of Rotary volunteers have been working together to do good in the world and to recognise this, Rotary in Australia are launching a number of TV Ads across TV networks in Australia highlighting the range of projects that Rotarians undertake.

4 Ads have now been produced and feature various animations of Local and International Projects.


What Can Rotarians Do to Help Alleviate Modern Slavery?     

Firstly, Create Awareness in Rotarian circles and within the wider public, of the plight of millions who are physically and mentally held in servitude as slaves for commercial gain.

One of the world’s biggest challenges is the extent of poverty and inequality across the globe and certainly within many developing and 3rd world countries. The common belief is that the cycle of poverty can be alleviated / broken through Education. It would be highly desirable that every child has the opportunity of some education, to be able to read and write, to solve problems, have skills, trade skills, understand health and hygiene, have ethics and become self sufficient with skills for employment so as to contribute in the local community. Education for children can assist to lead a family out of poverty and provide hope and opportunity. Through education the cycle of poverty, the need for migration and the vulnerability to human trafficking and slavery can also be broken.


Used Bed Linen Recycling Project    

By Chris Herrmann For Rotary Club of Mill Point, W.A.

The purpose of the project was to recycle used Linen from Rio Tinto in the Pilbara to overseas charities through Rotary International Donations-In-Kind, Melbourne.

Sixty-two pallet cartons were transported free of charge by LinFox, from Perth to Melbourne over December 2016 and January 2017. The material was laundered and much of it was in an as-new condition.  DIK have been coordinating with Linfox to hold the cartons as required pending space in the DIK store.

Topics: linen recycling program,  donations in kind


Rotary Community Recycling    

By District Governor Nominee Bronwyn Stephens, District 9800 Community Services Chair

Rotary Clubs have so many projects that Recycle goods.  Now we have a way to let the public know how to get their goods to some of those projects.

The Donations-in-Kind Shed 50 in the old wood stores in Somerville Road is a favourite hangout for some of us Rotarians and others.  It is my preferred place to be every Tuesday.  Most times you will find me in the book aisle sorting and readying them for offshore or community projects.

Topics: community recycling programs


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