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District Governors Message: Ethics in Action    

Lynda and I have been very privileged to be able to share the pride and pleasure of clubs as they have celebrated significant anniversaries in this Rotary year.

To date we have shared in celebrations for the Rotary Clubs of Keilor (50 years), Melton (40 years), Melbourne South (a venerable 60 years) and Balwyn (40 years) – and there are many more to come through this year.

Without exception the celebrations have been memorable and a reminder of an amazing legacy of achievement, fellowship and service above self.

Topics: ethics in action


Smart Talkers Race the Clock    

The Rotary Club of Richmond was acknowledged in an article by Vince Chadwick, The Age, September 18th, 2012, titled: Smart talkers race the clock’

The Rotary Club of Richmond, in partnership with the CASS Foundation*, funds the University of Melbourne PCAST (Pressure Casting) project - an innovative technique to produce high quality artificial limbs in developing countries, where a large number of amputees are unable to access adequate services to obtain a good fitting prosthesis.

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Event: Friday 12th October is Hat Day in Mental Health Month    

Hat Day is Australian Rotary Health’s community and action awareness day aimed at raising funds for mental health research and preventing Australians from keeping mental health issues ‘under their hats’.

Australian Rotary Health is hosting their official Hat Day in Melbourne and we need support from Rotarians in Victoria.

11.30am - 1.30pm Friday 12th October

Melbourne City Square


Event: Murrumbeena Community Market    

Saturday 6 October 2012      9am – 2pm 117 Murrumbeena Road (Melways 69 A5)

Celebrating yester year items with a new touch. Hand Tools, Reconstructed Fashion, Books along with Cakes, Confectionery, Cards, Gourmet Foods, Quilts, Eco-Products, Fresh Produce, Olive Oil, Honey, Jewellery, Kidswear, Bath Products and so much more. Entry - Gold Coin.


Confessions of a Social Media Consultant    

A while back, during my applied field experience in Silicon Valley as a Rotary Peace Fellow, I was having coffee with a computer scientist friend at Stanford. I had to rather embarrassingly confess to him; “I just don´t get Twitter!” Why would anyone want to follow my life and reflections 140 characters at a time?


Youth Exchange - Nominate as a Host Club Now!    

We urgently need Host Clubs to come forward and ask that all Clubs in our District, whether previously involved in the Youth Exchange Program or not, now seriously consider participation.


Group Study Exchange - Vocational Service Plus!    

About the time you are reading this edition of Networker, our GSE Team, the “Victorian Spirit” will be en route to District 1080 in East Anglia in the UK.


The World Needs to Reinvent the Toilet    

The toilet has been credited with adding a decade to our longevity. The sanitation system to which it is attached was voted the greatest medical advance in 150 years by readers of the British Medical Journal.


The Benefits of a Vocational Training Team    

In late 2010 and early 2011, I led a vocational training team from District 5340 in Southern California to District 9200 in Uganda, both Future Vision pilot districts. Ten years earlier, I was part of a Group Study Exchange (GSE) between the same two districts. While both trips were a great experience, I'm especially proud of what we accomplished as a VTT.


Oh no! We Haven't got a Data Projector!    

How often have these eight words been spoken at a Rotary Meeting? Thankfully, it is becoming less now that many Rotary Clubs have their own laptops and data projectors or venues which provide this equipment.


Where is the Speaker's Bank?    

The D9800 Speaker Bank is online at the website: Click on 'Rotary Members' at the side of the page to  log in  to the website and to access Speaker Bank.



Out on a Limb    

Members of the Rotary Club of Caulfield enjoying a visit to Out On A Limb to help package the most scrumptious fudge imaginable.


The work goes on behind the scenes    

Here are some Hawthorn Rotarians beavering away at Auburn Bowls Club, stuffing envelopes with information on what awaits you in Albury next March.


Membership/Attendance Figures    

View the stats from August.


Rotary D9800 Albury Conference    

See You In Albury! Albury Entertainment Centre - 14 – 16 March 2013

Reminder: The Low Early Bird Registration Fee is the lowest in 7 years and cannot be extended beyond the Closing Date. **Register by the 12 December to take advantage of the low fee.**


Vocational Service Month    

In a Rotary context, October is “Vocational Service Month”, a time for Rotarians to focus on their vocation and its importance to their local community and society at large.

Topics: vocational service


Rotary International and the Foundation Annual Report 2010-2011    

Rotary is a worldwide network of inspired individuals who translate their passions into relevant social causes to change lives in communities. Learn more about who we are and the volunteer work we do to help make the world a better place.

Generous gifts by our supporters and effective stewardship of these contributions bolster Rotary’s ability to make a positive impact in thousands of communities every year. Read more about the work of Rotary worldwide

Topics: rotary foundation


Event: Group Study Exchange Farewell D9800 - D1080    

Join us to Farewell our GSE team as they embark to the Cambridge-Norwich area in  UK
The Gamekeepers Secret Inn 1555 Melton Hwy, Rockbank.

30th September,  12:30 for 1pm Cost: $25 ~ Nibbles/Finger food Drinks at Bar prices

RSVP: The Shepheards 9369 8358 by 24th September

View GSE Team Profiles



If volunteers were a nation, they would be at least the ninth most populous country in the world.

It would be a world without at least 140 million people, the global economy would lose around 400 billion dollars, our GDP would diminish by 3-7% and millions third sector employees would lose their jobs.

From Rotary Regional Public Image Blog - promoting the good work Rotary does in the community and internationally.


Friday 12th October is Hat Day in Mental Health Month    

Hat Day is Australian Rotary Health’s action and awareness day for mental health research in Australia. While 4 million Australians will suffer a mental illness this year, Hat Day is aimed at reducing the stigma associated with mental health and stopping Australians from keeping mental illness ‘under their hats'. All proceeds will go towards Australian Rotary Health’s mental health research projects aimed at finding treatments and cures for depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses.


August Attendance Statistics    

District Attendance Officer Peter Lamping has provided last months' stats.

How does your club rate?


Vocational Month - Rotary Code of Conduct    

The transition from a month celebrating Rotary's newest Avenue of Service to a month celebrating one of the original Avenues of Service is not the leap it might seem. Many programs that fall within the Vocational Service portfolio (the Second Avenue of Service) are directed to youth.

These programs include:

- Computers 4 Kids

- Literacy programs

- Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

- Students, Ethics and Leadership (SEAL)

There are many other mainstays of traditional Rotary Vocational programs that continue or in some cases could be reprised by Clubs. Included amongst these are: Career Insight programs, School Literacy programs, Student Mentoring, Mock Interviews, Spelling Bees, Résumé Writing, Interview Workshops, Reading programs, The Four-Way Test Debate/ Essay contests and so on.

The reference to the Four-Way test is a reminder that Vocational Service is very much about harnessing a member's vocational talents to promoting the highest ethical standards, not only in business


Foundation Grants Explained    

On Monday 24th September, 2012, there was a well-attended Rotary Foundation Seminar at Graduate House.

Over eighty Rotarians enjoyed an informative and interactive evening on recent changes to Rotary Foundation Grants. Past District Governor John Davis and his team clearly described the processes foe securing District Grants for local and international projects, and for Global Grants.


City2Sea: A Family Fun-Run    

Article from The Age:

SO MUCH for the loneliness of the long-distance runner.  The Sunday Age City2Sea in November will be full of runners doing the event as part of a family team.

Last year there were 120 families who did the 14-kilometre event. This year, so far, 67 have signed up - from just a father or mother running with a child right up to the whole family.


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