Rochester club hosts legendary Pie and Port night


Saturday May 6th, 2017 saw a number of Rotarians, partners and friends descend on the Rotary Club of Rochester to help them celebrate 2017 Pie and Port night. Held in the historic Rochester Courthouse Clubrooms with the ambiance of a cosy well-maintained open fire, some 52 people celebrated this event.

Complimenting the open fire, fresh baked country pies, with an assortment of tastes and flavours, along with soothing  beverages to cleanse the palate only added to increase the buzz in the room as fellowship was extended around the room .

Attending Pie and Port night for the first time District 9800 Governor, Neville John had the utmost pleasure in presenting to the Club, the perpetual attendance trophy awarded to Rochester at the recent held District Conference. As Club President, I accepted this trophy on behalf of Club members and supporting partners . 

Prior to drawing of the raffle during the evening a DVD was played outlining the background to, along with the importance of ROCAN, a project that is District supported.

Attending for the first time also, past Assistant Governor Eastside Therese Mckenny from Rotary Club of Altona gave a short informative talk describing fund raising efforts previously carried out, in support of the information portrayed in the DVD. All proceeds of the raffle were for the benefit of ROCAN, with the sum of $595 raised before and on the night.

Visiting Rochester for the first time were possibly, whilst maybe not the youngest, though certainly the smallest was two people by the name of Rotary Nev and Rotary Rita. Although they travelled to this function under the roadsafe steerage of DG Neville and Rebecca, these two persons appeared to take to country hospitality in a very big way. Not just content on a Saturday evening in town, the thrill of further fellowship after seemed to come into their minds. Managing to escape the chaperone confines of our DG, they escaped and headed out for the night, finding their way to my home, picking up fellow party goers on the way. (Though it is highly suspected a visiting past AG was involved in aiding and abetting their escape.)

There was nothing I could do except offer them fellowship and warm lodgings for the night. Although the chance of a big fine in the name of Foundation, for harbouring them could be coming for my involvement.

Rita and Nev found transport the following day out of Rochester, last heard of visiting bars, shops, offices and Rotary Clubs, all in the name of fundraising for the Rotary Foundation.  We thank them for their efforts in this Year of Doing good in the World.

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