My MUNA experience: Reflections 4 years on


By Peggy Gusah

Looking back on my time doing MUNA in 2013 I have nothing but fond memories. I loved the experience of in debating at Camp Getaway in Axedale representing Germany. I remember making an accusation to the delegation of the US that they were “sacrificing the rights of children on the altar of material gain” or something equally as dramatic. Classic semantic choices of an 18-year-old.

The regional competition was so much fun, and having the opportunity to meet other young people from around the State was reward enough. To then get the opportunity to be selected for the national finals in Canberra was just fantastic. I got to travel with two wonderful girls, Farah and Jenny from Mac.Robertsons’ Girls School and experience the excitement of the city of roundabouts and politics! The trip gave us wonderful insights; into life as a diplomat at the New Zealand High Commission, Australia’s military history, with a lunch at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, and a guided tour and dinner at ANU.

It was so well timed with all three of us thinking about our next steps after high school to get exposure to the big and bright university cam-pus. Getting to compete in Old Parliament House was also a unique and cherished experience. I can’t help but think that the public speaking experience and confidence that the trip gave me has continued to help me through my political studies at Melbourne during my Arts degree, and even now as I study law through the Juris Doctor.

MUNA was by far one of the highlights of my time at high school and a rewarding and fun activity to participate in outside of school. I can’t thank District 9800, especially the clubs of Laverton Point Cook and North Melbourne, enough for the opportunity.

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