Donations in Kind’s Magical gift!


Bob Glindemann is passionate about Donations in Kind. Every word is effused with his energy, enthusiasm and passion for a multi district project which is the epitome of service and encompasses recycling as its heart.

Bob, together with Laurie Fisher, David Dippie and a team of stalwart volunteers has been embedded in the Somerville Road site since 2007. What began as a project by the Rotary Club of West Footscray has become DiK Inc. encompassing 16 clubs and 4 clusters across 4 Rotary Districts – 9790, 9800, 9810 and 9820.

Bob tells me that there are 2 things that Donations in Kind needs: money and arms and legs. They have challenges with both and people who know DIK and volunteer there really understand the need for both.

Recently, a Rotarian who understands that need has surprised Bob, Laurie and David with a marvellous donation. This substantial sum has enabled them to purchase a new van and a pallet wrapper; it has allowed for servicing and updating of the old van. Both vans now sport new up to date livery and signage and now enable collection of bigger loads in fewer trips.

Previously collection of 20 hospital beds would require multiple trips. With the new van, that pick up can now be done in one trip using both vansThe donors wish to remain anonymous and we respect that decision. Needless to say, they truly understand what DIK has done in the past and the many opportunities there for future projects.

That said, that donation doesn’t pay the rent or operational expenses. Those expenses mount to around $150,000 each year and that is covered by club contributions. The donation was specifically targeted to infrastructure hence the van and pallet wrapper.

When I visited this week, I saw firsthand the new truck in action. It had been to Frankston that morning to collect a donation of 2 items of anaesthetic equipment from Peninsula Health. Equipment in perfect condition which had been used just last week and was now bound for a international hospital project.

And, President Jenny Foster and her team from Essendon Rotary were hard at work sorting, repacking and labelling boxes of medical equipment ready to be loaded into a container to Cambodia. But it’s not just international projects which DIK supports. There a many local community projects which source their materials from DIK including Prahran’s Sewing Project and Flemington’s Literacy Project

The place was a hive of activity, energy, fellowship and goodwill in the very air! Why wouldn’t you want to be involved?

At the same time, due to proposed rises in rental costs, Donations in Kind is moving. Not a long way, in fact just across the road, one shed closer to Somerville Road to Shed 39.

DIK has been located in Shed 40 for a number of years and has had generous support from Larkfield Estates, but the reality of land tax costs and other expenses was urging higher rental.

They offered Shed 39 at a smaller rental increase thus the move. This is also a great opportunity to stocktake just what is stored in the shed. As Bob said, some stock has been there for several years and hasn’t been required so it is time for a Spring Clean.

All stock needs to be taken down from the racks; the racks dismantled and relocated to Shed 39, where all bays have been reallocated with a clearer and more efficient design and arrangement.

The pallets then have to be restacked and recorded for future projects.

The sorting and moving has commenced but the bulk of the work will be done in October and November and every club is needed to assist with this. Shed 39 will have a large new tea room, a conference room and office, and toilets for both men and women.

There is painting to be done too, but the electrical, plumbing and carpentry work will be done by Rotarian tradesmen who contribute their time and expertise already.

All Clubs are asked to contact Bob {0418 102 702} or Laurie {0428 550 574 }and commit to a working bee date to help with the move. After all, it is your stock and your store.

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