Emergency Relief Food Pack - FORaMEAL



Rotary Club of Canterbury – Melbourne, Australia


The Rotary Club of Canterbury supplies nutritious foods to people in need.  These people are those in a crisis situation arising from natural disasters like droughts, floods, earthquakes, typhoons and fires. The products are classified as Fortified Blended Foods (FBF) by the United Nations World Food Program


When disasters occur in developing countries they mostly affect financially deprived communities. Nutritious food and water are usually in short supply. Mothers and children are particularly affected. The FORaMEAL packs are more nutritious than the usually supplied rice. White Rice alone provides food for energy with little other nutrition. The FORaMEAL 400 g food packs provide a rice, oats and lentil meal with added vitamins and minerals for 5-6 people, giving four times the protein level of just white rice. 

Preparation & Distribution

Rotarians and other groups volunteer to prepare and ship food packs containing Oats, Rice, Lentils and a sachet of Vitamins and Minerals to a disaster vulnerable area.  They are securely stored in the target countries by a local Rotary Club or local Government until required, usually by indigent communities. These organisations also manage the inventory and distribution. The FORaMEAL packs are to be distributed FREE OF CHARGE to recipients.  The preparation and labelling of the FORaMEAL products are done to comply with all regulations as if they were to be sold commercially in the recipient country. 

Consumer Preparation

The consumer prepares the food with hot water in the same way they would normally prepare the cereals with hot water. The sachet of Vitamins and Minerals are added to the boiled cereals.  Illustrated directions for use are printed on each pack. The prepared food is designed to be bland in flavor.  It can be supplemented with local ingredients, if available, that will accommodate most regional tastes.


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