Rotary Friendship Exchange


By Leon Llewi, Rotary Keilor

Fellowship is the cement that binds together all the activities of Rotary. Without such  fellowship, our motto of "Service above Self" would not be achievable. Rotary Fellowship happens at many levels . It starts at the Club . When I attend my Rotary Club of Keilor on a Tuesday night, I look forward to meeting my many friends.

I can illustrate  this experience by referring to my good Rotarian friend Jeanette Lynch . We have been good friends for many years and enjoy each other's company and when my wife Pauline attends Rotary with me the conversation between Jeanette and Pauline seems endless.In my case the fellowship has extended beyond the Club level. Jeanette and I have discovered and revelled in the greater world on International Fellowships of Rotary. We have both been involved in the travelling Fellowship of Rotary, I.T.H.F. and have made many friends as a result of this.  This then grew to our involvement  in the Rotary Friendship Exchanges to meet and be hosted by overseas Rotarians.  We remember with great joy our visits to Oregon and Newfoundland.

Our bond of Fellowship grew to the level that when the opportunity to holiday together arose we agreed to travel together and we are now together on an enjoyable cruise on the coast of Croatia and having a wonderful time for 2 weeks.

In a sense we ought to register this experience as   part of the Fellowship of Cruising Rotarians so it was opportune that we met a lovely South African couple Graham and Maggie Theunissen. They come from Kwa-Zulu Natal and we exchanged details about my visit to their region many years ago on a Friendship Exchange of Rotary which is when Graham revealed he was also a Rotarian hailing from the Rotary Club of Westville, South Africa.

The bond was formed instantly. We are part of the Fellowship of Cruising Rotarians after all. We have exchanged email addresses and personal   details and we look forward to ongoing and long lasting fellowship. 

You can find Cruising Rotarians on Facebook, it is free to join and be a member, and there are now over 200 members.  Contact Rhonda Whitton to join... or 

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