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The District 9800 Board, through the vision of DG Keith Ryall, appointed a new position Director Planning and Risk Management to the District Board commencing in 2011/2012.  The three key themes of the role include Strategic Planning for both the Board and the DLT, Auditing/Review  of existing practices and procedures and Risk Management.  One of the first roles of the new Director was to work with the Board and DLT to develop a strategic plan for District 9800.

What is a Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning is a key responsibility for all Board’s irrespective of the type of organization the Board is overseeing/governing.   A strategic plan enables the Board to set goals and objectives and outline the way in which it is going to achieve these goals and objectives.   Time horizons for strategic plans usually vary according to the circumstances of the organisation or company developing it, but three to five years are the most common time frames adopted by organisations.  In the case of District 9800,  a three year time frame is most appropriate given the past DG, current DG, DGE and DGN are all nominated positions on the District Board.  This will assist in ensuring consistency and continuity of the strategic planning framework.

To maintain a focus on strategic planning, the Board is establishing a planning cycle which will take place at prearranged dates each year.  This will include but not be limited to the following steps:

  • A systemic and detailed review of the District’s  performance over the previous year in comparison with the goals and objectives set
  • An assessment of the external constraints under which the District is expected to operate during the planning horizon
  • A review of the District’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The District Strategic Plan is then developed and/or reviewed setting out how the District will continue to meet its goals and objectives taking into account the outcomes of the above steps.

Another important considerations in the planning process is the way in which the plan is likely to affect the District’s risk profile and hence its risk management policies and framework.

2011-2014 Straregic Plan - Rotary District 9800

View the Rotary District 9800 Strategic Plan

DISTRICT 9800 Strategic Plan 2011-2014

In line with the above the District Board has endorsed a three year strategic plan commencing in 2011.  As Rotary is a world wide organization with all clubs aspiring to achieve the Object of Rotary in all that we do, the District 9800 plan is aligned to Rotary International’s Strategic Plan. It adopts the three goals in the RI plan,  but adjusts the objectives under each goal as necessary to suit the strategic requirements of District 9800.  A copy of both plans can be found on the District 9800 website.

The District 9800 plan will provide all clubs in the District with a better understanding and overview of how the District Board intends to assist and support clubs across the District and the steps it will take to meets its vision, goals and objectives.  This plan will  enable the District Board to be accountable to the Clubs it oversees.

Rotary International Strategic Plan

View the Rotary International Strategic Plan

Club Strategic Plans

To ensure consistency in planning across all clubs the District Governor Keith Ryall and the District Board encourages all club presidents and presidents elect to review and become familiar with the District 9800 Strategic Plan, and commencing in 2012/2013 to align your club strategic plans to the District 9800 plan.

This will ensure that each clubs’ plan is aligned not just to the District plan but to Rotary International ensuring we all achieve the Object of Rotary in our own local community.

This alignment will strengthen the power and work of Rotary not just in our District but worldwide.

Your Assistant Governor will be more than happy to assist you and your club to align your strategic plan to the District’s plan.  

Mary Barry 
Director Planning & Risk Management
District 9800 Board

December, 2011

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