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By Bronwyn Stephens, Committee Chair, World of Difference

Da was only 9 years old when he fell from a palm tree and broke his arm. Infection set in. Without proper medical attention, and with no access to antibiotics there was no alternative. The village adults had to make a decision. To save Da's life, his arm was amputated.

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It has been quite surreal and timely that 'The Age' articles of the last 2 weeks have been published while Rithy has been in Australia. Rithy, who is our Cambodia guide, and more importantly effective local advisor as to what needs doing and how to go about it, has long been outspoken on the issue.  

The Age reports on orphanages where children are separated from their parents. Worse than that, some children are abused and forced to live in subhuman conditions.  Both articles and also a video commentary by an Australian that is involved in friends project in Cambodia.

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Content Item - World of Difference

World Of Difference powerfully portrays the work of Rotary in developing countries. We visit well resourced and well run Rotary supported projects. This contrasts with villages and schools in need of Rotary support. During visits we provide donations and volunteering. Each tour builds on the last to provide on going dental hygiene checks, English, knitting and craft classes.

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